Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Isan Dance

Isan Dance

In Thailand, there are many interesting cultures. In north eastern part of Thailand (I-san) region, there are many folk dances that are our unique culture. One of the dances that is interesting in I-san Dance is “Serng Yae Khai Mod Dang”

In the past, cooking and finding food sources of residents in the Northeast have to be done by themselves. There was not enough markets or shops like today. I-san people in the past, seek food from natural sources in nearby communities such as the cornfield the community forest, including forests in natural water sources. Although the modern ways of life change it, some local communities still find enough from natural sources for a living in the traditional way.

"Red ant eggs" embryos, including the red ant. It is the food for eating in the northeast during the dry season only. Considered that seasonal food is even today still popular in the consumer together with a unique taste. And can easily find a local. The tool used to find red ant eggs is equipped with a long bamboo stick tied with late baskets(ku). Add water and (ku) ready to probe by entering to the red ant eggs’ nest. Then shake out the remnant and try to separate from the red ant eggs. Then, red ants are ready to cook.

Department of Dance. College teachers Buriram. (Buriram Rajabhat University) to study patterns of red ant egg poaching by villagers. Before the invention is set to display. "Esigg probe red ant eggs" that are fun in a rousing display a native northeast artistry which has expressed the issue to a red ant eggs. This has been difficult. Both must be red ant bite or climb on clothing. Stir separated from the red ant eggs. This picture shows how to perform the dance.

Red ant eggs dancing movements.

- Travel from home. Ku lady hold water and put into a cloth rag tuck. Men hold baskets at the end of bamboo wood pole tied for punching red ant nest.
- Look for the red ant nest.
- Probe red ant has entered into bamboo bucket of water.
- The fabric preserved red ant. To separate the wizards from the red ant eggs.
- Pour water from bamboo bucket.
- Keep the tools and return home.

Costume: Men wear sarong, round - neck short sleeve shirt. Loincloth is expected waist. Posted a loincloth on their head. Lady wear a shirt sleeve round neck and blanket the cylindrical sleeve shirt before blanket breast cloth. Fabrics sarong Madhmie knee short be worn in the last.

Music striped pattern in Sudsanan and Serng Bung Fire melody.

Equipment for the show includes water Cart ku tied end pole fabric for red ant stir.

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  1. They're cute!
    I'd like to see this show.

    Have you ever eaten red ant eggs?
    How does it taste like?

    Thank you for your interesting blog.
    Khob khun Ka~

  2. Shizuka Nakazawa20 January 2010 at 16:54

    The red and blue clothes' make a very beautiful contrust!
    What does the colors mean?

  3. This is a beautiful song. Do you know the name of it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tamHMMe_qTU